Shawn Loughrige has 30 years of law enforcement experience and is a retiree of the Michigan Department of State Police Forensic Science Division and Biometrics and Identification Division(s).  While employed he held the position of D/F/Lt. and statewide Commander of the polygraph section for 15 years, Criminal Investigative Analysis (formerly Violent Crimes and Criminal Profiling Section), and was the Behavioral Analysis statewide Commander of the Investigative Services Section as well as the overseeing custodial Commander of all MSP long term storage of evidence (LTS-statewide) which included cold case homicides.
Shawn’s formal training, education, and professional association memberships, along with his vast experience, place him at the top of the polygraph and investigative profession within the world.  Shawn holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in Sociology. In addition, Shawn is a graduate of the Michigan State University-Executive Management Graduate Program, Broad School of Business. He received his forensic polygraph school and intern training in Atlanta, Georgia and Paw Paw, Michigan respectively. Prior to graduating from the Michigan State Police Academy, Shawn was a Melvindale City police officer in the suburb of Detroit where he began his formal police training at the Detroit Metropolitan Police Academy.
His tenure as the Chief Polygraph Examiner and Quality Assurance Manager within the Michigan State Police allowed Shawn the opportunity to perform and review thousands of criminal specific polygraph exams and cases, annually, over the entire state.  Shawn was in charge of all training, licensing, and the acquisition of state of the art equipment for the state police polygraph examiners. Shawn also wrote all of the practicing policies, procedures and training protocols for the state police in regard to his sections. He was responsible for all legislative processes within the state police for his areas of management.
Shawn has received hundreds of continual education credits and thousands of hours of experience in his specialized expertise involving forensic polygraph examinations, interviewing, violent crimes investigation-specifically homicide and advanced homicide, along with criminal sexual conduct, profiling, crime scene and case analysis, expert witness testimony and forensic science and bio-metric management.
During his career, Shawn has worked on hundreds of high profile and major criminal investigations where he has received several professional excellence and accommodation awards. In 2011 Shawn and his section received the American Association of Police Polygraphist Director II award for outstanding commitment to the profession of polygraph specifically criminal specific examinations and investigations. Upon retirement Shawn was given the prestigious Governor’s and Senate/Legislative Tribute for Outstanding Service to the State of Michigan in Law Enforcement.

Professional – Organizational Membership(s) and affliations:

Former member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)

Former member of the Michigan State Police Command Officers’ Association (COA)

Current member of the American Polygraph Association (APA)

Current member of the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP)

Former member of the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association (NPEA)

Current member of the Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners (MAPE)

*Fully licensed as Forensic Polygraph Intern Supervisor/Examiner-# 6001000283 with Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (formerly known as the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth) both as a Public and Private Examiner

Shawn and Kathleen Loughrige
Shawn and Kathleen, his wife of 33 years